Developing the right skill set to maximize your opportunity to achieve success at the highest level.

At LBU, we impact the lives of young people by providing a Linebacker skills training program that builds character, instills life-enhancing values, and promotes a safe environment through our exclusive program.
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Linebacker Corps Training Philosophy

Focus on the entire player on and off the field to execute greater performance.

Leadership Development

Transform from a high-school linebacker to a LBU Linebacker… LBU mentors transferable skills that will lead to success on and off the field.

Speed & Agility

LBU certified coaches will teach each Prospect proper acceleration techniques to increase top end speed and multi directional speed.

Position Specific

We evaluate your personal game film and camp film to help you walk away with the best experience you will ever receive from a football camp.

Combine Prep Training

LBU certified coaches prepares each Prospect for combine prep training including the pro-agility shuttle, medicine ball toss, 40 yard dash, and vertical leap.

Proper Fundamentals

LBU certified coaches prepares each Prospect with proper skills and techniques used for todays defensives schemes. Speed, power, agility and reaction for Linebackers.

Individual Training

Prospects are divided in to small groups for personalized individual training. More hours of video training, skills training, combine training, and performance training per camp than any other camp available.